Speeding up Toon Boom

Does anyone have any advice on how I can avoid TBS 2.5 acting very sluggish? I’m doing something that slows it down. Sometimes I’ll click on a button and have to wait several seconds for the little beach ball to stop spinning. I’m working on a Mac dual 1ghz G4 with several drives and 1.5 gig of memory. I think the system has the speed, I’m just wondering where I’m going wrong with my work style that slows everything down.

I’ve tried lowering the quality of the displayand even working in solo mode. Still gets slow.

I have about 40 images in one scene, each set to an exposure of 500 frames, at 12 fps. Many are bitmaps. Is this too much? And if it is, how can I work around the problem?

thanks for anyone’s help.

Same problem here with “save as” and you’re right. That’s the only way to create a new dosument from the current one - in the finder and duplicating and renaming the file.

Doesn’t really say a lot for TBS’s file management technique. Other programs can do it much more efficiently(flash). I’m trying out Moho currently. I highly recommend checking it out at lostmarble.com. Cheap program that does a great deal.

Thanks for the help!