Speed Ramping / setting ease on TRADITIONAL animations

Hi all. I’m currently on my Harmony Advanced trial.
Is there any way of setting speed ramping for TRADITIONAL animation - ie an animation where each frame is an individual drawing?
My trial project is a bird flying, and I want the speed to increase in between flaps of wings and wanted to set it using a graph or similar in order to smooth out the animation and make it look a bot more natural.
Because they’re individual drawings and not one drawing that has been transformed, the normal method of selecting keyframes and hitting set ease for multiple parameters of course doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance!

One way to think about this is that you define your timing as it is. You are drawing the timing. That is, you draw the movement and set its pace in the manner it unfolds according to the drawings frame by frame. To increase time you have to duplicate some existing drawings so the drawings with less frames change relatively faster. You could also manipulate a duplicated drawing frame so you would not have to redraw the entire content of the frame. In your example you would focus on the wings and any indirect movement supporting the wing movement.

You can set exposures under Animation/Cell. Drawings are sustained over a number of frames and the changes can be more subtle or abrupt. This adds some breathing room to increase and decrease the speed of changes.

As for using automation other than this, the set ease curve dialog windows are limited to automated style animation (i.e. cut out, morphing, deformers, software generated interpolation, etc.). You can combine some of this with frame by frame and utilize the ease in/out options with varying potential success. Use of a curve deformer might be useful here if you were using Premium. Unfortunately Advanced does not offer this.

Hopefully someone will correct any errors I may have stated here.