Special text deformation

Hi, I’d like to know how to make this effect:
Having a text deformed like it was on a rising round bump (seeing above the bump liké on the picture). Can I do this with toon boom harmony?
Thank you!


Hi f6zut,

I am not an expert in Harmony myself but our Discord MVPs are.
Our community MVPs are highly skilled animators that answer questions and support other animators on our Discord channel. Join them over here:

I hope this helps!

Thank you very much for your advise, I’m gonna try.

Ok, I’ll go there. More precisely: I need to put a flat disc intro a half sphere but not at 100 %. I’d like to go progressively to something like 33% of half a sphere. As a dome taking form. Exemple : in After effect, the trouble is that with effect Spherize you can change the size of the circle but not the amount … Here’s the whole story!