Special effects

which special effects come with TB 4.0?

And how do I put them in an animation?
How would I get a shadow or fog effect?

I would also like to know how to use the onion skin, for frame by frame animation.

Thanks for the help.

You can use the onion skin feature either by selecting it from the dropdown menu, from the button(s) along the top of your display, or by using the shortcut keys Q & W. Hitting Q will show your previous drawing, hitting it again will show your last 2 & a third time will show your last 3 drawings. Hitting Shift+Q at any time will hide them all. W works the same way for showing your next drawings.

There is a drop shadow effect in TBS. You need to create a new element, select drop shadow element & then it works much like a peg. You attach whatever element you want to create a shadow for & attach it to your drop shadow element. Then you can play with the size/shape/direction of the shadow. Check it out in the manual, it’s a cool effect & they explain it a bit more there.

No fog effect that I’m aware of other than drawing some cloudish shapes with a low alpha greyish color.

This two part article teaches the basics of inbetweening using the onion skin feature.


This article teaches you how to apply the drop shadow effect.


Read these articles and try to work through the steps and ask questions. That’s the best way to learn and we are glad to help you. -JK