Special Effects software for TBS

Help! I’m in the market for relatively inexpensive ($500 or less) special effects software that I can use with Toon boom Studio. I want to be able to use ready-made fire balls, laser beams, lightning bolts, smoke, and the like that will realistically interact with my TBS characters, scenery, and props—for example, fireball’s glow reflected on TBS character’s face. I also want to be able to create my own effects. I guess I can somehow create similar effects in TBS, but I’m looking for a flashier (pun not meant but intended), more powerful, and faster method. I welcome your software suggestions. Remember, $500 or less!!!

Uh, not a lot of stuff comes to mind except for After Effects. But that’s like one thou, although you could probably get it on Ebay for cheap. That’s how I did anyways.
I use AE to spice up my TB animations, also because I have the express version of TBS I can’t make any complicated animations.

This may sound anoying but it works great. I’m under the impression that you want things like explosions and such. Well the best way to make them seem like part of the action is to do them the old fashioned way. Make an outline of whatever it is in black pen or with a tablet, whichever you prefer. Then change the colors of the lines in the program ad fillt them with the prope colors. Watch old cartoons in slow motion for ideas. Special effects programs tend to give a cheap look to 2d animation. I’d recomend the hard work option, unless you really don’t care about making the vdeo consistant.