Special Effects/lighting

I’m feeling pretty good about this current piece, but I’m working on special lighting effects. I’m open to input of any kind on this.

I’ve used a few different color tranform layers to get things where I want, and I’ve also used a drop shadow.

I want to get the impression that the protagonist is absolutely blinded by the light. I want it to be intense, as he is supposed to be a little hung over (I believe they say “crudo” in Spanish). More work to be done on this. Any help is appreciated.


Great effect, Rob. -JK

I think it’s looking mighty awesome as it is. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.


A bit more progress. I still have to do the first thing I should have done, record audio/dialog. This guy will scream like a vampire at sunrise when the daylight hits his tired retinas.


Here he is earlier in the piece, waking up: