Spanish version to english version

Hello, i,m from Spain and i install the new version of harmony 14. Now all is in spanish it,s great but i want see all how before in english can any one say to me how to?

Thanks in advance.


Please need help to change from spanish to english … is it possible?


¡Hola, Eolo!

I think you might have to reinstall the software and choose English as the language. At least in Harmony, the choice was there at installation time. I’m actually using the Spanish version, and while it takes a bit getting used to it, it’s a pretty good translation, anyway.

Hey odiolitos, Gracias :slight_smile: !! too much thanks. I try it.

Hi Eolo,

Harmony will launch based on your OS language. If you reinstall it will still be the same thing.

If you do not want to change your OS language, you can change the parameters when launching the application.

Here are the instructions:

Are you on Windows or Mac?

On Windows, you can set your Desktop shortcut icon to launch with the arguments.

  • Right-click on your desktop icon and select Properties. In the Target field (under the shortcut tab), you an add the -lang en argument after the .exe

I hope this helps!


Marie-Eve, thanks i use mac.

I go to see the instructions.



Hola eolo,

If you are using a Mac, you could do a little procedure to create a desktop shortcut that launches Harmony in English.

I would say to use it at your own risk.

  1. In a Text file, type the path to your application, something along the lines of:

/Applications/Toon\ Boom\ Harmony\ 14.0\ Premium\ Network/Harmony\\ Premium -lang en

  1. Save the text file on your Desktop. Name it HarmonyEnglish.txt.

  2. Open a terminal, type:

cd Desktop
chmod +x HarmonyEnglish
mv HarmonyEnglish.txt HarmonyEnglish.command

  1. Close the Terminal.

  2. Double-click on the HarmonyEnglish file on your desktop. You are in business. You can now launch Harmony in English at will without changing your OS language.

Again, use at your own risk and make sure you get the commands right. You don’t want to start messing around with commands and erase stuff or corrupt stuff by mistake!

I hope this helps!


Recently i have upgraded to harmony 15, but when install it, is in language spanish, i want to change to english, how do i do this?, thanks.
I have Mac oxs. Some way so that it is by default.? ThanksThanks!!!.

Hi adelmo83,

you can see some instructions in this link

In my case i decide time ago change all my macOs system to english and i have all the programs in english by default. :slight_smile:

I hope you can change the language.

Kind regards and Happy Christmas


Thanks Eolo, i have follow the process seeing this link, but harmony do not stay default english, just when i execute from the terminal. support Team, why do you do so difficult!!! XD.

Try to uninstall and reinstall again.