"Space" on Skin name causing the file to corrupt

Hello, I’ve started using Toon Boom Harmony Premium recently and ran into a few instances where my file wouldn’t open, only stating “Syntax error at line 1: Unrecognized attribute (<)”

After realizing this would happen after I added some Skins to my file, I dug around in the code of the .xstage file and it seems that the problem is that since my skins had “space” in the name, it generated tags with spaces, as you can see in this example:

After replacing the spaces the file started working again. I believe that, on skins names, the team missed the same check and replace of spaces as in the layer names.

I hope this made sense and was of some help.

Sounds about right, was able to replicate the issue in TBH(P)21.0.1.
Best to contact support about this bug.

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