Space not automatically _ in harmony 14 node view

I just tried to use the space bar as I was naming a node in the network view in Harmony 14, and instead of giving me the automatic underscore that it did in both 10 and 12, it didn’t do anything.

Is this a bug?

I just restarted my Harmony, did a quick search on the online help, and a quick google. I can’t find a setting to tick to make this work again.

I don’t know why this was removed in 14 (if it was), it was so convenient!

Okay, so this DOES work when you are renaming a node, but not when you are making a new one. Please put this back in, this is going to add a little bit of time every time I make a new node. And, since I’m rigging, that is all the time.

Automatically adding an underscore is something that has been inconsistent all along in Toon Boom software and needs to be improved. A space is allowed in some contexts but not in others. An underscore is automatically inserted when using the space bar in some contexts but not in others. This is cumbersome and completely unacceptable.

YES. Totally and completely agree. I’m fine with not allowing spaces, I don’t use them in my naming conventions in other programs anyway. But when this is something I could always do, and still can as long as I’m just renaming and not actually creating a node… It is very frustrating.