soundtrack sync

I have searched previous posts for a solution to my problem, have tried some of the suggestions, but I am still stuck. What am I doing wrong?..

I have a 6000 frame project with dozens of layers, and I have been creating the animation to sync with a spoken word single layer soundtrack. In preview scrubbing the sound and visuals line up perfectly. However, when I export the project to a movie, the sound is running perhaps 10 seconds in advance of the video. What have I done wrong?

initially I was using an .m4v format track, but i see on the forum that Animate doesnt always like this format and the suggestion was to use a .wav file. Ive tried this but it hasnt solved the problem.

I have a long ‘blank’ lead into the soundtrack (ie I have taken the soundtrack and moved it all back by 100 frames) - but this is necessary for the production

ive been using Animate for a year now and this is the first time Ive had this problem (the only things differnet now are 1. this is the largest project I have created, 2. I am working on a new computer (though the new and the old are both MacBooks)

all suggestions will be gratefully received
Tim (wishing there were some training courses in the UK)

If your audio track does not begin at frame 1 currently then try padding the file with extra silence to have it start at frame 1.

Note that 6000 frames is rather long for an Animate project and you could be running up against a resource issue on your system. I strongly recommend splitting the project into more manageable shots if at all possible.

You could then stitch together the parts in an editing program as these mange resources differently than animation programs.

Thanks for the advice Kriz.
yes 6000 frames does feel quite clunky. I originally had the project in 5 or 6 different scenes but my client was asking for so many modifications that it became easier to handle it all as one (so far the computer seems to be handling it)

However this problem with sound starting in the exported movie before it should is annoying - i have just tried another project and same is happening. In TB preview, the sound starts where I want it to (200 frames in. after a title scene) but once exported the sound starts as soon as the movie starts.
So how do I “pad the file with extra silence”?

thanks for your support

Are you using Animate 1 or Animate 2? There may have been some kind of a sound synch issue with Animate that was resolved in Version 2, but I can go back and check if you’re on Animate 1.

Otherwise write in to and we’ll be able to investigate further with your project file.