Sound track display options

Hello,Does anyone know how to turn off or disable the display of the sound file name over the sound track when selected? It obscures the waveform.I need to see the waveform while i’m editing the timing of the panels.thanks.

Yes - let’s make this a feature request.Either the ability to show/hide file name (same as you can show/hide waveform)or simply to make the file name smaller and positioned elsewhere above or below the waveform, or on far left or right. Anywhere but right on top of it.For example. If the height of the sound track were increased there’d be more space above or below for the file name. thanks a mil

At the moment there’s no way to hide the name of the sound. When you click on a sound, it hides the name, but not when it’s not selected.

You can try zooming in to the timeline using your 1 and 2 keys and when it’s zoomed in more it’ll be easier to see the waveform.

Otherwise I can submit your feedback as a feature request.