Sound/Timer Question

Hello Tooners,

A question about Synchronizing sound in Toon Boom. Not Lip Synching. I’ve written music for my scene and I want to match up certain art with specific sounds in the sound track. Flash has a time-lapse window showing minutes and seconds and I can’t find that in Toon Boom’s Drawing mode. I can open the Sound Element Editor which has that feature, but I want to see the frame I’m at AND see which minute and second I’m at while I’m editing the art.

I’ve used TBS to create several animations, but I guess I didn’t feel a need for this feature. I began the scene in Flash because I find it very helpful to have a visual on the frame number AND incremental timing of each frame. I moved into Toon Boom because I like the drawing tools better than Flash, but I was dismayed when I couldn’t find a “seconds” counter.

Am I overlooking this feature in Toon Boom or does it not exist?