Sound Shrinks When Saved

I’m working with Toon Boom Studio 6 and I’ve imported an Mp3 and it plays properly untill I save it. This is really getting annoying because if I want the sound back I have to create a new element and then import the sound again. I’m using differnt sounds (each as their own element) and the sound played at the beginning (starts at frame 1) stays fine after saving, but when I move another sound to start at frame 100 it shrinks! PLEASE HELP ME!


The service pack for TBS 6 has been made available for download, and this version has fixed this issue. Simply log into your account and download TBS 6 (the file has been updated on the server). You’ll have to first uninstall the previous version you had, and reinstall the new one, but you shouldn’t have this problem in the newest build.

Hope this helps,