Sound regarding Toonboom Harmony Essentials 14

So I am extremely new to animation as a whole. I just bought Toonboom and was wondering how the sound works. I imported a sound file to use, and it isn’t working. I do have Quicktime installed, the sound button is on, and I see the sound waves on the layer. When I play it, I can’t hear anything. However when I rewind or fast forward on the timeline, you can hear it going extremely fast and choppy. So, I know that Quicktime and Toonboom are working together and its not an issue, I just don’t understand why it won’t play by itself in the studio or in the rendered frames. Like I said in the beginning, I am new to animation, so if the answer is obvious, please enlighten me.


What file are you using, wav, aif, mp3 ?
What is the sampling rate, bit-rate and -depth ?

Hi glazeydonuts,

Is the Sound icon active, in your Playback toolbar?
The fact that you can hear the sound while scrubbing means that you would have activated the Scrubbing icon, which is to the right of the Sound icon.

I hope this helps,