Sound problems

Really getting frustrated. Been saving for a year to afford all my animation stuff. Then the laptop I had crashed. Fine, bought a new computer. ALl the parts were stripped and stolen when I got it out of the box. Got ANOTHER computer, finally able to down load Toon Boom again. Try to change some movie options on a project last night and a system error popped up saying something like, "Can not start the program because QTCF.dll (or something) was not found on the computer, reinstall the software. Okay did that. Now in the middle of a project and imported a sound file and you you can’t hear anything. It’s there when you go into options like you would to lip sync, but no just normal in the time. I have a head ache.

I’m sorry for all the issues you’ve been having! Sounds like a frustrating year for you, computer-wise.

When you play back, there are two types of sound that you can turn on in the playback toolbar. There’s the Mute/Sound button, which you need to click on in order to hear sound when you hit the play button. There’s also the sound scrubbing button, that you can turn on when you want to scrub through the sound in the timeline.

Do you have these buttons turn on?

Do you hear sound when you export?