sound not working

I have an issue with all my sound files showing a flat line. I recently reformatted my mac and now the sound files on my harmony scenes are all flat. The error message looks like this when I open a file

Failed to convert audio file (/Users/tarabarker1/Documents/EF_Files/scenes/scene6/EF_sc_6.1/EF_sc_6.1/audio/EF_sc_dial_6.1.wav) with QuickTime - QuickTime error.

Anyone know how to fix this? I’m guessing it’s something to do with quicktime, but the files all work fine outside of harmony. Help would be appreciated. I’ve hit a wall.

By looking at it, it is either the file (compression) is not supported by Harmony or there is a corruption on your temp folder of Harmony while it is converting it. Try using different file format by converting it (ex, .AIFF) to see if it works. Or try resetting the preferences by creating a new to see if there is any corruntion on existing Harmony preferences. You can simply test it by creating a new admin account and start from there.
If none of them works, better contact Toon Boom Support