Sound not synching, Bug?

I’m testing a puppet and I imported one line of dialogue and the lip synch worked fine, that’s not the problem.

When I export the clip to swf, it’s fine, no problem.

BUT, when I export to a .mov, the audio starts automatically. I tried different file types (wav/mp3) different compression, but to no avail.

HOWEVER, if I import another layer of sound, the sound synchs up great!

Any suggestions? Should I just roll with it?


Are you using Animate 1 or Animate 2?

Toon Boom Support

I am using 1, and when I tried out 2, it seems to be working out fine. However, I’m wondering if there’s a work around for 1.

Unfortunately there was an issue with this in Animate 1 that was then resolved in Animate 2. There is no workaround for Animate 1.

Toon Boom Support

Do you think I’ll encounter similar problems w/ audio and video in Animate 1?