Sound not scrubbing (or working at all actually)

I seem to be completely unable to hear sound in SBPro.
The Audio Playback icon is pressed.
The Sound Scrubbing option is ticked.
I have tried both mp3s and WAV of the same file.

What’s weird is that it worked on Monday, but now I’ve moved to a different machine, it will not work at all.
When I tick the “Show Waveform” option, the sound file is completely blank on the timeline (which, again, was fine on Monday)
I am using a Windows 7 machine with Storyboard Pro 4.1

Have you installed quicktime on the Machine.
The Sound does not work without Quicktime.

Also from the “Sound” menu, make sure that “Sound Scrubbing” has a checkmark. It does by default but may have gotten unchecked somehow.