Sound Libraries

I need a solid metalic whacking sound like a safe or anvil dropping, but nothing I have recorded sounds right. Any suggestions as to how I could record this.

Well, what have you done so far that doesn’t work? I don’t get it. The task sounds easy enough. Just drop something heavy and metalic, and if it isn’t heavy enough, then amp the recording? What’s your hardware about? You don’t even really have to drop anything. I have a vice grip in the garage that rattles just fine when I shake it. Real metalic. The rest is making it loud, which is a snap on what I got.
Neal Glass

I’ve whacked a metal wedge with a sledge hammer. dropped tin cans, hit various metal objects with a hammer, threw nails,and dropped some heavy metal stu on the concrete floor. I just can’t get that resonating wonk that I want, even adding ehoes and such doesn’t quite make it.

If it’s resonance you want, then it’s more a bell-like thing that would have to be mixed in with the thud or whack or whatever; something to leave the impression of a ringing in the ears maybe. Assuming that this is the ballpark of what you’re going for, then I’d look into mixing the sounds you already have with a movie that has bell ringing sound effects–heavy ringing, vibrational. I think of The Hunchback of Notre Dame; something like that. Maybe even get a tuning fork or something? Flange it up.

I blew one of those explosive party poppers under a metal pot. It worked don’t know why I didn’t think of that one in the first place…