Sound issue


Ok so i exported my single scene animation with sound, and it starts ok, but the more the animation goes on, the more out of sync it becomes, so by the end (27 seconds) the sound is 2 seconds out!

At first i thought id done the sound timings wrong but i went back and checked and they were all ok, PLUS if i export as Quicktime the sound stays in sync the whole time, so it must be flash thats doing it.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so how didyou fix it? Thanks in advance,


Yeah i thought the same, that it might just be because of swf…but that sucks, i have to submit as swf…oh well ill maybe wait for someone else to reply, hopefully with an answer. Thanks anyway


Hi Guys,

When adding a sound file, open the edit sound dialog box and check the streamed button under the 7 default faces.

This will ensure that the sound stream will follow the video stream even if the video plays at a lower frame rate.

You will get better results on long swf files.

If this checkbox is not checked, the software will simply add a play event for the sound at the proper frame.


Isn’t it true that you can only do this to one sound track at a time–that you can’t have two simultaneous sounds streaming at once from TBS?

(I could be wrong, I’m a little rusty on my TBS)

that’s right, only one soundtrack can be streamed.

YEAAAH! It works for me too angryman :D! Thanks mathieu, thats made all the difference! I was wondering tho, mathieu, if you could how this “stream” button works…i mean the actual sound doesnt slow down, so does it just make the animation skip frames to keep up with the sound or what? Thanks again


from my experiance ‘to stream’ the soundtrack makes the whole film output file considerably smaller compared with the normal sound option… f.i. a flash file is some 55-60% of the size then.

Hmm Rob, i can’t say that my experience has been the same. The file i exported that was out of sync, and the file with “stream” turned on, were both 1.80mb, so i don’t know why yours became different sizes. Oh well, can’t complain about smaller file sizes :wink:


i experienced the size changes with my third project already. i dunno either what the hell is goin’ on … ::slight_smile:
but i’m glad it happens :wink: