Sound is not in sync, jumps around.

I am encountering a strange bug/glitch/thing (?) that makes it very difficult to edit, move, and sync sounds/songs with my animation. I have a video that shows my problem so I hope it works and I’m uploading it right, this is a bit confusing
((EDIT I can’t get the video to work, hang on. It’s the most important thing.))
Ok, tried putting the video here:

It does several things:

  1. Jumps forwards when deleting the sound
  2. Will show that sound is playing when it is not, and vice versa. Basically the image of the sound will show scribbles when there really isn’t any sound playing at that time.

I am at the latest version of harmony. I have the Advanced version too, if that helps any.

Sometimes, yes sometimes, closing and reopening a project in harmony will temporarily fix it, but it always come back one way or another. It’s broken more times than it works normally.