Sound is Muddy in Animate 2

I have just downloaded an upgrade to Animate 2. Opened a scene completed in A1. The sound in playback and export is muddy and flat compared to Animate 1. Support are aware of the problem and working on a solution.

To expand on the sound difference - The sound file was edited in Garageband, exported to iTunes and converted to Wav. When imported to A1 it was exactly the same as it was in Garageband. And when exported with no compression at 44.1 Hz 16 bits stereo from A1 to a .mov file, it played back with full fidelity.

When played in and exported from A2 the sound is flat and muddy (same export settings as above). I even created a new scene in A2 and imported the file - so it’s not a cross-over artifact within the scene made in A1.

If anyone still has both A1 and A2 running - try this out with a music track. Maybe it’s not as evident with voice tracks, but it’s a definite reduction in sound quality nonetheless.

As I’m working on a professional project with a looming deadline I will have to work in Animate 1 for the time-being. I advise anyone else concerned to have a correct audio output to consider holding on to Animate 1 till things are sorted.