Sound is crackling and popping

when I export video of my animation the sound crackles and pops.

how do i fix?

this is really bad.

No one knows how to fix this???

does anyone need more information?

what settings and format are you using?

What file type is your audio?

I suspect you might need to import your audio in a different type. You can use audacity to convert it.

not at the computer now but I do know it is a file converted from final cut pro x and then imported to toon boom

Thee file type is an ACC i think or wwhatever that cc file typee is.

I create the file from the share option in final cut pro x and then create a master file.

you tell me the format you think I should be having it in and I will convert it to that.

sorry I do not have more conciise information and wanted to respond quickly as I just got this message.

Hi, TimothyR,
For now we only support .wav, .aiff, .aif, .mp3 format sound tracks.
Please convert your sound file to one of the format above and try it again.

sorry the file format was aiff.

where do I go from here?

From File/ Import/ Sound.

Test it works outside toonboom, and maybe convert to wav?

mp3 sound is popping after exporting the animation to a movie file.
the original audio file is ok, i did not do any sound editing.
is there a setting to avoid this (add ‘scrubbing’ or something)?

edit: it’s animate pro2, i can remember having similar troubles in studio v4 package. i then exported to streaming audio and it helped.

Does this mean all .mp3 will act the same ?

it was the mp3 format handling in quicktime, which was causing troubles.
the exporting to .wav and reimporting of the sound in a new format removed all unwanted tones.

i can’t do anything! everything i try to do is denied. -soul “eater” evans

Hi, upon reviewing this issue, I was able to test and run it through conversion. I use flv to mp3 converter and it is made possible to run the file.


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Also try

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Thanks for this information…

I have found audio pops when exporting from Animate 2.

My solution…?

I output the visuals and then import that QuickTime file into Final Cut Pro where I marry the sound and visuals again.
When I do that I avoid the pops and clicks and I also end up with smaller file sizes.

I convert youtube videos from and you can use this mp3 converter