Sound is broken

Hi there! I’m using Harmony 12.1 Essentials and currently the sound is broken. I have tried to import sounds of different formats and have tried to replace the ffmpeg build as well. I also installed and re-installed quicktime and harmony. I am currently using windows 10. It shows a black sound file,and when I try to render, it then says this:

[please check attachment]

Any help? I really have NO idea what’s going on…PLEASE HELP!! I am on a massive animation delay for my channel and really need to get this fixed!


Yes I do. ):


Do you experience the same issue with all audio files? If you try with a different file, do you still experience the issue?


nope. Still doesn’t work :I

Go into the menu-Play
is “Enable Sound” checked?
if it is, contact support to have
a look on your system.


Your original audio file has an exclamation mark in the name.
rename the audio file to remove the spaces and the exclamation mark
and try re-importing it.