Sound import without Quicktime in Windows

Is there a way to import sound files for lip sync without Quicktime components currently? Sound files such as WAV, AIF and MP3 do import, appear on the timeline but there is no waveform and do not emit any sound. Lip sync is a critical feature for animating and without it, we will be forced to find another software solution.

The item is enabled, the sound on the PC is working. The Sound Element Editor opens with flat waveform. Volume has been altered and has no effect. I have tried importing 44.1 and 48kHz options. I have tried generating WMA version.

I administer over 100 Harmony Premium workstations in Windows and due to security policy am not allowed to install Quicktime or Quicktime components. Installing Quicktime is not an option.

I also have an open request regarding Video Export - again without Quicktime. To date, no solution. This is urgent.

Currently for V14 and lower there’s no alternative to
having Quicktime installed. There will be an alternative
solution provided in the next release of Harmony.

Hi there, can we have an update on this issue? We still need to use audio and export video from Toon Boom Harmony using Windows. This is still not possible and the software is almost unusable. Please let me know when or if we can expect the media layers to be fixed for the Windows release.

Hello James,

We want to let you know that the next version of Harmony will include an alternative for Quick Time, to process sound and export video.

We are working as fast and hard as we can to release this new version of Harmony as soon as possible.

It is important to notice that this alternative will not have the full set of capabilities found in Quick Time, but should address your issues.

Best Regards,
Marisa Labrador