Sound import questions

I have been working on a short film. Now I’ve gotten to the point where I need to put in some dialogue for my characters, and I was wondering how I should go about setting up / importing sound files? I want to have some music in the background but I need to upload the dialogue sounds over that. How could I do this? Any replies would be appreciated <3

Hi Katie, I would recommend that you add sound effects and any backing music in a separate application like Final Cut or Premier. If you are adding audio for voices I would recommend making sure they are already trimmed as you want them to make it easier to position in the timeline of Toon Boom, although TB has some very handy audio features.

TB has some great auto lip sync features too which can be a real time saver, provided you have labelled your lip shapes properly. Once you have all the audio synced up export the video and then, as I suggested put this together with the other audio in a separate application as TB isn’t really designed for that stuff.

Hope that helps.

Harmony and Storyboard Pro User

Thank youuu