Sound Import Problem (solution)

So i was having an issue importing sounds (the sound was imported but i did not hear anything and the sound waves were strait) and looked online for solutions. I realized that other people had the specific problem as i did but no one ever found a solution. So Im just going to put this up just in case any begging animators come up with the same problem.

SOLUTION. If you have the same specific problem as stated above, make sure you have QuickTime installed as this is what toonboom uses to play sound. Quick time is for both Macs and pc. If u want to check if its installed (for windows) go to control panel and under programs go to uninstall a program, then search QuickTime if its not there you can download it here After installing MAKE SURE to restart or else it will not work. If the program is listed on ur programs then you have another issue or you need to update quick time. I hope this helped.

@Superchris1000 I had been struggling with this for hours. You are a hero.