sound from library

Hi all -

moved my sound files from one animation into the library where I checked details and it listed a byte count - which told me I had content in the template. When i move any of the sound files from the library to a new animation, it seems to move but no content shows - in other words, the library shows some 2300 bytes and in the new animation I get zilch … any idea what the problem could be? I would hate to have to go back and edit each and every sound file again … thanks, Dan

This is just a guess, but it sounds like you have a disconnect between your library and the actual sound file. In all your moving between systems you may have lost some files or not copied some directories. You may want to look and see if the physical sound file exists in your sound folder for your animation when you copied the element to a template. Also check your library template folder for the physical file. TBS may be pointing to an element that doesn’t actually exist. It certainly seems like many of your problems of late stem from your system crash and migration which we all can appreciate is a nightmare. You may want to re-import the original sound file and start from scratch. Sounds like you have some corruption of your previous work. (no pun intended) -JK

Hi Jk -

good to hear from you again … definitely looks like the files are gone from the crash - there were no sound files in either of the folders… I am in the process of rebuilding the files … which are a nightmare in themselves … thanks, I do appreciate your time … dan