Sound flatlining in Toon Boom Harmony 14.0

I’m a new user of Toon Boom Harmony, having installed the trial version of Harmony Advanced a couple days ago. I’ve been messing around, and really enjoying the way the program functions so far, but I have run into an issue with importing sound. It’s added just fine without any fuss but when I try to play it, it’s just a flat line with no output at all. The frame’s aren’t the issue, the sound should start almost immediately and I’ve tried to play it with ten seconds’ worth of frames. I viewed other forum posts about the same issue, and I have downloaded and extracted ffmpeg.exe, and moved it into the bin folder in the Harmony files. Still no dice. Any suggestions?

Your audio file is perhaps using a Codec/compressor that Quicktime can’t decode.
Either that or the audio level of the original sound file is too low.
If you continue to have trouble, contact support to have a look.