Sound files

Hey,I am having a problem and I think it is all user error. I have storyboard (NOT pro) v1.5. Well I am having two problems, every time I load it I need to retype the license, but that is an aside.The real problem is sound. I wanted to add a .wav file. When I opened up the user guide. It said was go to View->Timeline Layout. I don’t have that option under View. Since all the following instructions about adding sound require me to be in the TimeLine layout I am kind of pulling my hair out. I also looked for the Layout toolbar and that doesn’t exist. The user guide I downloaded was v1 of the software, not pro. What I am doing wrong, I am so confused?Thank you for any help,Ash

Hi AshI think Storyboard don’t have a timeline view. nor the possibility to import sound. It can’t export to movie either.You will need Pro-version for that.It is made for export to PDF .Best regards-Ivar

Thank you. That is what I thought.I wonder why the non-pro storyboard user guide had it in there.Ash

I’m not sure where you downloaded your User Guide. There is a User Guide that is installed on your system directly when you install the software. On Mac, it will show up in Applications > Toon Boom Storyboard > Documentation, and on Win, it will be in Start > Toon Boom Storyboard > Documentation. This is the appropriate user guide for the software.

I opened this one and I verified that it makes no mention of the timeline or of sound.