Sound Files Rearrange Upon Startup

Hello. I am using Toon Boom Studio 6 and am new to the software. I am having an issue with sound. I have several different character lines saved in order of usage, and am separating them when silence is needed. However, when I close and reopen the software, the sound files become rearranged; they are in different positions and have different start and endpoints. I have no idea what is causing this, and I can’t find any information online, so any help is appreciated.

This topic is pretty much the same issue I am having, but there is no answer there:

Apparently, I have to upgrade from 6 to 8. That seems to be the only solution, according to support.

Contact support and show them your project for analysis.

At last report, I was told by support that I was trimming the files wrong; I don’t think I am. This problem affects every sound file I import on every project.