Sound File Won't Import

I have a sound file that won’t import. I’ve tried it as .wav and .aif at 44.1k and 48k–the users guide provides no information on the required specs.Anyway, I go through the process to import it and it does import a track, but there is no sound–it’s blank, no waveforms, no nothing. Any suggestions?thanks,David

Oddly, I got it working, I had to take the original .aif, export it as a mono .wav, then back to a stereo .wav before it would work.What are the needed specs for audio import? Especially since I want to manage the size of the storyboard file–I noticed in the package of one storyboard that I think it converted an aif into a wav.Thanks,David

hi - Storyboard Pro imports .wav, .aif and .mp3. Right-click the sound in the Timeline and select [Show Waveform] and [Sound Scrubbing].if the sound track is weighing down your project, you can make a copy with reduced quality and then swap it back after when your storyboard is complete.You could also try using smaller sound clips. if you have a sound file in one of the above mentioned formats, that does not import into SB Pro, you can send it to for testing. -romi