Sound file does not import

A .wav file that imports into TBS does not get imported into Animate.
It seems as if it just never imported. A screen recording of the problem and the .wav file are available here:

Does anybody have any ideas on this? Are there other public forums where I can post problems with Animate?

I was able to import this sound file without difficulty into Animate Pro just now. Did you send a bug report to tech support?

Last year, using the older program Digital Pro, I ran into an odd problem where the program simply would not import an .swf file.

I even sent the offending file to Toon Boom and they could not reproduce the error.

Strangely, when I then ran Digital Pro on another machine (which is easier because it uses a USB dongle that can be easily moved), the file imported beautifully.

I still don’t know why this happened. I believe it relates to a problem with audio and/or video codecs installed on this particular Windows XP machine. It runs beautifully on all my other machines, but this one has this weird glitch.

I know moving the Animate install is a bit labor intensive because of the issue of moving the license, but that would test this theory.

My son is at Virginia Tech’s computer science engineering program and he is a die-hard PC user (I can’t even count the number of “Frankenstein” PC’s and laptops in his basement workshop). He recently bought a Power Mac and now talks nonstop about the beauty and lack of “issues” for multimedia on the Mac OS.

(If you tell me you’re using a Mac, I’ll quickly now run and hide after making that statement.)

I use Animate Pro and Studio and am generally pleased at the stability and lack of issues in the programs. I do often run into strange glitches, but none has been a deal killer.

Clearly, though, Flash output is handled way better in Studio than Animate. That seems to be a perpetual issue.

I hope some of this helps. Keep us informed.

We should have a public listing of glitches.

Steven Mussey MD

I was also able to import your wav file into Animate without any issues.

What operating system are you using? Are you having problems importing all sound files or only this one?

Toon Boom Support

Thanks folks. I think I figured it out. It works now. I think before I was in a folder that Animate did not create and there was no “audio” folder.

Thanks for all your help.