Sound file desync...


Ive been working with Toon Boom for a few weeks now and it is by far one of the best animaton tools available. However, i recently started working on my first big project and noticed a very frustrating bug…

When i have a sound file that is longer than 24 seconds it goes out of sync with the timeline.

I know i can cut the sound up into little chunks, but that seems like a highly unpractical solution. It baffles me that a program like toonboom has a well-known bug of this magnitude…

PLEASE tell me theres a better workaround, ive got over 8 tracks of dialoge and splitting them apart in the timeline on separate layers is a nightmare!

Thanks in advance.


I have this same issue. I’m going to start laying in the sound via Logic Express tonight if I can’t find the workaround here in the forum. Would have been nice to just render once and be done with it. Especially after I took the time to line things up. Doh!

Otherwise, I do enjoy Animate a great deal.



This should be addressed in the upcoming version of the software. In the meantime the best option is the crop the sound.




I am in the process of finishing up an animation in TBA PLE. I’ve spent a good deal of time on lip-sync in first scene, approximately 50 seconds. When I render and play the animation, the sound and video timing is perfect, but when I export it in any format, the sound does not keep perfect time with the video.

How can the sound and video be in sync with “Render and Play”, and out of sync in an export?


As a test, I exported only the frames needed to encapsulate each shot (7 Quicktime files total), and then added them to the timeline in an After Effects comp - 55 seconds so far. The video & sound are now in perfect sync.

Is this the recommended approach to working on projects in Animate/Pro?

I’m not a professional animator, just a web designer with a story to tell. But I am very interested in learning the correct approach to animation projects in TBA. The User Guide for PLE only goes so far in this regard… which is expected, since it is just a guide. :wink:

Are there books or tutorials that you can recommend which deal with the animation pipeline in TBA?