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For some reason when I import .aifc files into the sound editor, they make the audio sound kind of choppy. I’ve noticed that things export fine, they just sound like that in the editor. Should I be using straight .aif files?

Also, I don’t ever really use the quick preview option so should I be fine upgrading the to the new QuickTime?

I am using version 4 on an Intel iMac.


Evan Jacobs

Using TBS 4 / iMac Intel / QuickTime 7.4.1

Well, I used only .aif (.aiff) with the Sound Editor and no problems at all.

QuickTime works fine so far (except no quick preview of course).


Nolan, how do you create your .AIF files?


Evan Jacobs


I suppose I could try exporting an .aifc file then converting it to an .aif file in QT Pro?

I guess I just don’t think I should have to do that.

I have a similar setup and I typically use .m4a files. I record my audio in GarageBand then export to disk.

I used to export to iTunes and then convert to .mp3, but then realized that Toon Boom likes .m4a files just fine.

What program do you use to record audio?

I can’t think of anyone who does a better job of integrating sound with their cartoons than you. I certainly hope you will consider sharing some of your thoughts and techniques on your new ToonBoomTutorials website. You do such a good job of selecting your voice actors and I assume in directing them plus your recording mixes are really crisp. I look forward to learning some new tricks from you. -JK

Hi Evan,

For sound-creation and voice-over I use mostly “Soundtrack” - the one that came with Final Cut Express, or “Amadeus Pro”. - All these files (.aif) work beautifully with TBS 4.
Later I use these sound-files for compositing and editing in Final Cut Express as well.
(I don’t use .m4a, because FCE can’t read these files)

Of course QuickTime is able to export (convert) to AIFF.