Sound Editing

What’s the best way to edit sound? I know Animate’s sound editing tools are extremely limited. If I want to edit the sound in Soundtrack or Final Cut, what’s the best way to go about it and keep the sound layers intact? (I exported it as a movie but got one sound layer, not individual layers).

If you’re using Soundtrack Pro with Final Cut Pro:
You can use Soundtrack Pro for every aspect of creating audio for a project, from multitrack recording to advanced audio processing and mixing. For example, you can send a clip’s media file directly from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro, modify it, and then immediately see the changes to your clip back in Final Cut Pro. You can also batch process audio files using AppleScript scripts created in Soundtrack Pro. However, one of the most powerful advantages of using Soundtrack Pro is the ability to send entire sequences to Soundtrack Pro and automatically conform them each time you make editorial changes to a sequence in Final Cut Pro.

If You’re using Final Cut Express with Soundtrack 1.5:
You can still use Soundtrack for creating your project, but you have to save those projects as AIFF-files,
before importing into Final Cut Express… Making changes in Soundtrack doesn’t automatically update the sound-file in Final Cut Express… You have to save again and replace the file in FCE…
Be aware, that Apple is no longer supporting Soundtrack 1.5… You might try Garageband or any other
Sound-Editor, e.g. Amadeus / Avid / Audacity etc…

If you’re not already using one of the above mentioned versions of Final Cut, you might like and wait until June 2011 when Apple apparently will launch the new version of Final Cut Pro X, available via the App-Store for $ 299.--

Looks like, Final Cut Express will be obsolete by then…?
What Apple has in mind with the rest of the Final Cut Studio suite like, Soundtrack Pro, Motion,
iDVD Studio Pro etc., we might find out in June as well…?


Thanx Nolan,
I’m wondering why the Toon Boom sound editing tools are so bad.
As you create an animation, you keep making changes. Sometimes to video, sometimes to sound, sometimes sound affects video and vice versa. So it’s extremely inefficient to keep having to switch to different programs. Why doesn’t Toon Boom incorporate a useful set of sound editing tools?
They could at LEAST calibrate the volume so you know what volume you’re setting something to. And WHY is the Sound Element window calibrated in frames and the Current Sound window calibrated in seconds? It makes it nearly impossible to find the point you want.

Hi Justin,

ToonBoom could use enhancements in how it handles sounds, but it is an animation program first after all. If you are trying to edit a sound you have imported in to ToonBoom and then update it without having to re import, my workaround is after you import the sound in to toon boom, find it in the folder called “audio” in the file ToonBoom makes when start a new project. When you edit that one, ToonBoom references that file whenever you do a test, scrub, etc.

I do wish ToonBoom was more efficient than this though. As in, instead of copying the file to the project’s location, it would give us the option to just reference where it originally was so we can edit it without going through the ToonBoom project files. Also if you reimport a file, ToonBoom does not delete the old one form the project files, giving you duplicates of the sound file and taking up more HDD space than necessary.

Thanks for your comments Justin, I’ll pass along your feedback to the team for discussion.