Sound Doesn't Work in Animate 2 Playback

The User Guide indicates that you should be able to hear an imported sound when playing an animation inside Animate 2. However, after enabling sound (and sound scrubbing) I still can’t hear any sounds I import when I play inside Animate 2. The sound tracks are audible in a rendered animation and in an exported SWF file. It sure seems that you should be able to hear sound inside Animate, I don’t know how animators would sync to sound otherwise. I’m running on a Windows machine with 64-bit Vista.

Well, I don’t know what was wrong before, but after loading a different animation file I was able to load a sound and hear it played. I then went back to my original animation file that didn’t play before and it worked fine. Very strange. For now it seems like my sound is working.

Great! I’m glad that it’s working.