sound disappears

Hi all -

anyone have an idea why sound would disappear? I have five characters, each with their own sound element … i used the modify lip sync to embed the lipsync -which worked fine … when i do the playback, portions of the sound seems to mute - the lipsync is there and shows, but no sound can be heard and here is the best part - it is not for the entire element … sometimes it is a different character and it may begin halfway through the sound stream and continue for a while or to the end … i can do an edit sound on the element and the sound is fine … i thought it might be just one of those things and would be fine on an export … it wasn’t … the sound is muted wherever it was muted in the playback … I have tried redoing the modify lip sync on a different element then copying the poriions i want to the main charachter’s stream … did not help … thanks, dan

Hi Dan,

Is this a constant issue (when you reopen the project is the behavior at the same location). If so would it be possible for you to send us the scene so we can give it a look. If too big to send it directly by e-mail contact us and we will setup an ftp folder for you to upload the file.

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Hi Ugo -

I wish it was constant then I could delete that area and redo it … it seems to jump around, not always in the same spot … the only constant is that it begins halfway or near the end … like I said, sometimes a section that works during one play, won’t the next … the file is some 213 megs in size so it is too big to email …I was thinking that maybe quicktime might be an issue - i have looked at the parms, played around with the sound options in the preferences but didn’t seem to do any good … any help would be appreciated … thanks, Dan

Hi Ugo -

Here is a followup … I took one of the files I had done in vers 3.0 and ran it a couple of times under the 3.0 software … everything was fine … ran it on vers 3.5 (same pc) and the sound disappeared in one spot - consistently, though the length of time it disappeared varied … did a save in vers 3.5 (new name so as not to lose the 3.0 vers) and the sound disappeared … the sound disappearance varies from a few seconds to the rest of the playback … not sure what the problem can be … is there something in 3.5 I need to set or not set? thanks, dan

Hi Ugo-

Here is a followup to the followup … when i do an export to a flash file, voices that were present in the playback do not necessarily play in the swf file … also, if I do a movie file, there are popping sounds throughout - I have tried this on both a vista and xp machine and get the same results…the only constant factor is the vers 3.5 … is there anyway I can get my 3.5 file back over to a 3.0 file so I can get this to the client without having to redo the 5300 frames? thanks, dan

Check your sound elements based on the following information that UGO wrote in a previous thread regarding sound issues another user was having.

So what are you using for your sound files? Aiff, Wav, MP3 and what is the sample rate of these sound clips and are they all the same or do you have mixed formats and mixed sample rates. All your sound files need to be coordinated. If they are not you can be introducing the problems that way.

I can’t answer the V3.5 back to V3.0 question but I seriously doubt it is possible because of changes in things like active elements with embedded pegs. -JK

Hi JK -

Thanks for the quick reply … if I understand your note, I am using wav files given to me by the client a few months ago … I generated a number of animations under 3.0 with no issue …
I am doing an movie export, clicked on settings and for sound, the values are compressor-none, rate 44.1 khz, size 16 and stereo - brought the wav file in under quicktime and it is at 44.1 khz, 16 bit (little Endian), mono 702.46k/s …
I am not sure but I believe I may have had issues when I first brought in vers3 and some values in the export had to be set … if you have any info of what the settings should be based on what I have shown or what they should be naturally, or can direct me to the Ugo thread, I would greatly appreciate it … thanks, Dan

My only suggestion is to check to see if all your sound files are the same, you say you got them from a client, but you didn’t say that you have checked them to see that they are all the same. Sound files that have different sampling rates or other differences can cause conflicts. If you aren’t sure, you may want to take those files into a sound editing program and re-export them in identical formats. I prefer MP3s myself. You seem to be under the impression that TBS will adjust for differences in your sound files, I do not believe that is true. It is assumed that you as the producer of the animation will be responsible for the quality and compatibility of your imported sound. If you only have a single sound file then there is not the same issue as when you have multiple files. My understanding of the publishing process is that all sound files are combined into a single track so if the multiple source files are not compatible or different the combining may result in sound issues. You said that the common factor was V3.5 but in fact that isn’t true you also are using the same source sound files and V3.5 may be more sensitive to variations than V3.0. I have used multiple sound files in V3.5 with out problems but I always prepare my sound files in a sound editor for compatibility before import. -JK

hi Jk -

each character has their own sound file complete from the first episode to the last. Each new animation, I bring that file in, extract those parts I want and build from there… i am starting to believe the problem is in quicktime … I figured I would extract those pieces into swf files for my client while I tried to figure out what was going on when they stopped working, began to hang and the sound disappeared … I went into quicktime vers 6.5.2 changed the file type associations to accept everything as well as soundin/out to waveln … after i did that, the 3.0 version ran the swf all the way through - I exported a couple of times to make sure it was not a fluke … opened up my vers 3.5 and brought in a file and ran it through the swf process and it did not complete … the voice in some places seemed to mute… I am kind of at my wits end … what vers of quicktime are you using and what are your settings? Just not sure what to do next … thanks, Dan

Hi Jk -

if you want, i can send you a few of the swf outputs (they are small enough to email) so you can see what is happening and maybe from that you can tell me what i am doing wrong …thanks, dan

You may want to upgrade to Quicktime 7.x . But I will have to leave those issues to UGO to answer. We are using 7.1.x for Quicktime and I suspect that V3.5 wants at least V7.x but UGO is the expert. -JK

hi jk -

on the vista pc i am using quicktime 7.2 with the same results… my feeling is there has to be something in the handshaking parms between tb and quicktime that i am not setting … thanks, d

hi All -

has anyone any ideas as to what I can do next? I really need to find out what is going wrong and fix it as I have projects I need to get out to my clients … and having the sound intact would be a nice offering … :slight_smile:
I really think it has something to do with the way quicktime is handling TB requests … someplace there has to be an option or setting i am missing … thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,

I have sent you the location of the ftp folder for you to upload the sound file via e-mail. Let me know when you sent the file so I can start working on it.

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