Sound disappears in SWF

I am having a problem with sound not playing when I generate a SWF file.

I have several sound elements and the first one plays with no other clip, after the first clip the other clips stop playing in the swf. I have generated the file as a quicktime file and the sound is there and plays. It seems to be only for a swf file. Is there a solution for this problem?

Check to see if you have checked the “streaming” box for each sound element in the sound edit panel. If not you might want to try that. -JK

All the sound elements have “streaming” checked - any other ideas?


I am wondering, do the sound stop playing when you switch of scene? To be able to have traveling sound between scene you would need to have the streamed box not checked since a stream start and stops at the exact frame it ends in the timeline where a non-streamed one will simply start and play until it ends.

This being said the best would most likely to have everything streamed and make sure all the sound are present in the according scene.

If the situation above is not what you are experiencing then we would need to know more about how your sound are currently distributed and any other details you could give us about the sound files.

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