Sound Cutting Out When FPS is Changed

I’m currently using a .MOV file which has music and video that goes with it. I’ve successfully imported the file, but when I try to play it the video’s FPS is slower than that of the music. Obviously, I tried speeding up the FPS from 24 frames to 30 frames, which seemed to work, until later in the video. The music completely cuts off in the middle of the song. I’ve checked the song file itself and have found that the song is still at the original length, and when I change the FPS from 30 frames back to 24 frames, the song is returned to normal.

When changing the FPS of the project you need to delete the imported
move or audio file and re-import it so that it is sampled at the new
framerate of the project.

If you’re still seeing a mismatch between the visuals and audio, contact
support and provide the movie you are importing for analysis.