Sound cutting out before the sound file is done

I’m using Harmony 20 Essentials,
My sound file is 57 seconds long however when imported into the program it cuts it down to 50 seconds? I’ve been trying to figure out whats wrong but nothing I seem to do is helping. My Timeline is set way longer than the audio because I thought that might’ve been the problem but it isnt.

hello!! not sure if your problem was fixed, but if not i had a similar problem that i fixed (audio file was 57 seconds, toon boom cut it down to 15 seconds) what i did was double clicked the audio in the layers panel to open up the audio editor then clicked the box near the bottom right of the window that says “stop time” and typed in the length (in seconds) of the audio, then just hit enter and apply and it should be fixed!

I have the same problem on my HP AIO computer using Windows 8. The system is only a few weeks old and when I play a YouTube, Audio file from the Hard drive, online radio or Itunes, the music stops or “stutters” after a while. HP did a remote into the system and reinstalled the Realtek audio driver and for about 2 hours, it worked fine…now its back to the way it was. The problem was never fixed. I did what was mentioned in the previous reply and nothing was found to be wrong with the system.

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