Sound clips volume adjustment

Hi, whenever I open my scene in harmony advanced, the volume on my sound clips are lowered to nothing. I have to repeatedly open the sound element editor and adjust the volume of the sound clips each time I close and reopen the program. I hit apply for each one, but still. Is there something i’m missing?

What version are you using? When I modify the volume by adding control points to the
audio track they remain when I reload the project. Maybe the audio levels of the original
clip were recorded too low - in such a situation there is not much you can do unless you
bring it back into an audio editing software to boost the levels. Unfortunately this type
of fix does not usually produce very good quality audio.

I’m using version 15, I just downloaded it a few weeks ago. It’s a trial version but I don’t see why that would affect it. And no, my original sound clips are all fine in terms of volume, they just need to be edited each time I open the program so that I can hear it… I’ll try to add control points and see if they stay.