sound clips are importing blank???

Hi Guys,
I have just moved to SBP 4 and am having sound issues.

I had just completed an earlier project using SBP 4 which was created in SBP 2 and it was fine. But when I started a new project and started to import my sound clips, they came in blank?.. not had this problem before.

Need to move ahead fairly quickly and would appreciate any help:)


I am using wav files, and I have the sound button on:)

This sounds similar (but different) to the audio issue I am having going from 4.0 to 4.1 on my tablet PC.

In my case, when loading an existing 4.0 project in 4.1, .wav files on the timeline loaded fine but .mp3 files triggered an error. The result was normal .wav clips on the timeline but blank .mp3 clips. To fix this, I had to convert the .mp3 audio to .wav and replace the clips, which was a pain because the program constantly triggered error reports until I was completely done with this task.

So I transferred my TBSP license back to my workstation, installed 4.1 there, and everything was fine–no errors and all the clips, .wav and .mp3, are active. This suggests there’s something funny about the 4.1 installation on my tablet PC.

I’m going to do a clean re-install on the tablet and try again because that’s where I normally prefer to run TBSP.

I’m not sure any of this info will help you but maybe it will give you some ideas.

BTW, I told tech support about the TBSP audio problem on my tablet and they’re helping me figure the issue out now.


Thanks for the info. I have contacted support and hopefully they can help:):slight_smile: