Sotryboard and Storyboard Pro on the same machine

In future versions, could you please figure out a way for my computer to distinguish between the two versions of Storyboard? I’ve found that both can’t be installed on the same machine without causing them to flake out (the files loose track of their application affiliations and an ugly black command line window opens, + more crashing). I have a clean-up assistant using the junior version part time on a tablet and would still like to run Pro on that machine…but of course I’d still want to be able to open projects in both programsThanks

Not sure why you don’t let your assistant use the Pro version as it has all the same. He just have to use the drawing tools only and forget about the animatic part.

… because it’s a $650 difference in price for tools she doesn’t need and I don’t want to have to worry about her losing a dongle.

Hi - did a test with SB and SB Pro both installed on my machine> files created in either can also be opened in either> you need a good naming convention and directory saving structure to avoid confusion when looking for specific projects to open* To differentiate between the two application file associations:1. I create a new storyboard project named Erase, with SB PRO. It opens.2. In the program, I click on the “open” icon or [File > open Storyboard]3. I click yes to pop-up question: "Save before leaving?"4. I browse to the .sboard project I want to open5. I work on my project, save and exitThen I do the same 5 steps with SB. The next time I open SB PRO or SB, I choose to open “Erase” on the right hand side of the welcome window. It opens. Then I do steps 2. to 5.This way I know 100% which Storyboard application I am working in and that I am working on the right project since I browsed to get it -romi

Good idea! Thanks.