SOS! Overall glitchiness, new!

Please help! My TBS 4.5 had been working perfectly so far, on my Mac leopard. But all the sudden, the TBS has become slow, incredibly slow! Even simple tasks like, moving from one cell to another, changing from pen to eraser, opening the File-save options, the Edit functions, etc. take a while. Everything! It’s an overall problem. I’ve tried to reinstall TBS, I’ve even got rid of a lot of files from my hard disk in order to save memory, but nothing seems to help. It’s so weird and frustrating, since I only work small size animations (500x375) at 12 frames per second, for the web. Is there any solution? Is it true that Mac can also get virus (by the way, only TBS seems to be affected by this annoyance)?

Have you tried clearing your preferences? You will lose your user settings but it might fix your problem.

To do this go into the Library/Preferences folder of your user home folder and rename the file called com.toonboom.toonboomstudio4.5.plist

Make sure the Toon Boom Studio is not running when you do this.

Thanks for your reply. I did what you suggested, and it seemed to work for a while, it unblocked the loop I was working on, yet it remains a regular problem on another document. I noticed that it worsens when light table is on. Certain cells on any given drawing element may freeze, while others allow to work smoothly. I’ll keep watching further details, thankyou.