Sorting colors inside palette

Now maybe I’m a dope, but is there some way to sort by name when you create colors in a palette? I’ve been doing color on these background pieces, and there are a number of similar color to create highlights or shadows and the naming conventions make them easy to work with. Except when I create a new tone/variation, it goes all the way to the bottom, and I have to drag it to where the others are. So I have color named like this:


ol-green-tree-varation ← I’d like to be able to sort it so it moves it up with the others.

I hope this makes sense. It would just speed some things up that is all.

Have you tried going into “swatch mode”, this arranges the colors as a matrix rather than one per line. You can move the palettes in the palette list up or down but not the colors inside the palettes which I think are displayed in the order that they were created in.