sophisticated edl export

Hi Toonboom,

we are work on a big project using your software. I have been brought in to try to improve the workflow.

when we export our 20’ show from storyboard pro we get a series of jpgs which we import into FCP. we also generate a pdf which our editor uses for the timings of each shot. to date we have been manually adjusting in FCP to create our timeline sequence.

however, we also need the metadata of each board contained in Storyboard pro. we do this by manually creating a text clip and typing in the shot number, line number, character name and dialogue. This is very time consuming!

When i export an xml file from storyboard pro it generates a ‘timed’ sequence. so we can sort of match up this up on our timeline to speed up the process. however the quicktime files generated are awkward to adjust in fcp (it would be better to link the shot to the jpg we export)

what would be ideal is for Storyboard Pro to export a sophisticated XML this could be quite easy to generate.

it could create a layered sequence

2/ editable text overlay,
1/ media link to the jpg
A1/ link to character audio#1
A2/ link to other characters on separate channels

I can investigate this with the team.

I just want to also point out that for the metadata, maybe you could make use of the CSV export to excel, which saves information about the length of scenes, panels, and their contents.