Sometimes I can't add Modules to Network View

Sometimes when I try to an Effect Module to the Network View, AnimatePRO refuses to let me do it.
While I drag the module from the Module Library to the Network View, the pointer becomes the little “no access” icon, as if I were trying to carry out an not permitted operation.
I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t add modules, so I quit the program, relaunched it, and after that everything works again.

To me here it happens quite often (say, twice in the past 45 minutes).

Since it appears so erratically, could it be a bug?

thank you,


Do you know what type of module you were trying to add?

MultiPort-In and MultiPort-Out can only be added inside a group and you can only have 1 multiport in or out per group.

Could that be it?



this thing look completely erratic to me. The modules I have occasionally not been able to drag are Effect Modules (in particular Glow, which I was using a lot in a particular project and I haven’t used Multiports yet), but it really looks very random behavior.
I can’t say I noticed anything strange. All of a sudden it just wouldn’t let me take the Module from the Module Library to the Network Window. As said, it shows the ‘No access’ icon.
This resolves itself if I quit and relaunch.

If I notice something more, I’ll report it.


I’ve never heard of this one before! Does it always happen with the same modules? Like is it consistently when you try to bring in a specific type of module, or does it seem more random?