some urgent queries

Dear friends

I have few issues.

  1. Nos showing in parameter jumps like when I move key no1 to 7, 8 then in parameter instead showing same it jump to other nos, please help me why? and how to solve?
  2. Color in not happening in frame by frame animation.

3.why drawings are missing but showing frames are there in the timeline.
4.Is there anyway we can change in the duplicate image layer?

5.Is there any free very good “tool based interface” for frame by frame animation and cutout animation.

Thanks a lot, Pokerman

sorry, you didn’t understand questions, I try to put other way sam questions.

  1. I was not able to color after doing traditional method of animation(frame by frame instead cutout). how should I color each frame?
  2. My drawings are missing from the camera&drawing mode but frame are showing in timeline so is there any technical or software issue?
  3. How can be unlocked duplicate layer from the parent link?
    4.If I do gradient color in character but its color only in one direction but is there any way I can rotate gradient color to any direction?
  4. How to import one scene to another new scene?
  5. what is the difference between duplicate and clown layer?
    Please reply soon and thanks a lot again.


  1. The numbers in parameters are just the name of the drawings. They don’t have to match up with anything. You could rename them to “smileyFace” if you wanted to.

Don’t understand the rest of your questions.