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My Cartoon smart TBA Contest entry

I also got this idea on the internet and decided to re-do it in Toon Boom for animation, and also for the sake of painting practice.

Did you do it all in Animate? If so how did you do the soft highlights down the left side of the body/upper leg (left from the orcs view!)

yeah, everything is done in animate.
All I did was add a highlight on the very edge of the drawing, and increased the radial value a bit.

I also have a test animation of this character here:

Did you do the same for the dark “highlights”?

If your wondering why so curious, I am looking for the best way to add that sort of detail in Animate. I really like the idea of being able to do some characters with shading without painting them in photoshop.

for the dark highlights, I just added the tone effect and increased the radial value a bit also.
These are my favourite effects in animate because it reduces the need to shade and gives your drawings a lot of depth.
And it also gives your character a Disney like look.

The Tone and Highlight effects are definitely the way to go. You just paint a matte and it will automatically darken all the colours. You can even add a colour to the shadow, to get some lighting effects, like for example if someone’s sitting in front of a fire they’ll have a reddish shadow, and if they’re outside in the moonlight it will be a bluish shadow. Then, as Ross said, turn up the radius to soften the shadow.

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wow it adds a nice touch. I am going to see if standard animate has this tone and highlight effect.

I totally agree. I always wondered how to do it. I am giong to go try it now!

yeah, it’s really cool, it’s one of the first things that captured me when I first learned about toon boom and eventually lead to me leaving flash.I’m surprised it isn’t popular and well known among you guys. Also, if you look at Disney’s animation style you notice that they don’t shade much, but use these same effects instead.

heres an example:

It might be cause it is a pro only feature. But yeah it deserves more love.

Na,I don’t think its only pro because I first used it in animate PLE, and now I use it in animate and I’ve also tried it out in Pro PLE

yeah you right I checked it is in both :slight_smile:

I am really liking this feature :smiley:

See new ability to add tones and highlights automatically in new Harmony 12:

Light Shading